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      ​VEX Robotics is the world’s premier, educational robotics platform and hosts the world’s largest robotics competition.  VEX is also the STEM partner for the nation’s leading pre-engineering K-12 curriculum, PLTW Portage Schools boasts robust PLTW and Robotics curricula.

Wed. June, 15, @ 7:30 PM

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Robotics: Skills For Life 



 12 VEX Worlds Qualifying Teams

World "Innovate" Award Winners
World “Create” Award Winners
World "Community Award" Winners

Indiana State Tournament Champions

2 x Indiana’s State Runner-Up

2 x Indiana State Excellence Award 

US Open National Champions

US Open Skills Champions

US Open Skills Runner-Up

​2 x's CREATE China Cup Champions​National Amaze Award Winners

National Design Award Winners

2 x Indiana State Design Award Winners

Indiana State Amaze Award Winners

Indiana's Judges Award Winners

Indiana's Build Award Winners

125+  Regular Season Tournament: Champions, Excellence, Design, 

Robot Skills, Judges, Amaze

 & Sportsmanship Award Winners


Problem Solving

​VEX TEAM #2567


Award Winning

Opportunities are available to partner with the "Porta-botz!"  and make a difference in a kid's life as 

a Sponsor, Partner, or Mentor.

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Time Management



Self Discipline

Robotics Education


"Changing Lives, One Robot At A Time!"