Want to Be Part of an Award Winning Team?

The Porta-Botz! are accepting applications for incoming students grades 7 through 12. 

The Rigor is Real.   Expectations are High.  The Demands are Many.    The Reward is Fun.

Application Deadline is Friday, September. 10th, 2021.

2021-22 Porta-Botz! Student Application

Before applying, make sure you have read and are in agreement with the basic program requirements. 

All Robotics team members must:

  • Have a Team-over-Self attitude.
  • Be committed to other academic areas and maintaining good grades (No D's or F's).
  • Attend regular after school practices.
  • Attend weekend competitions.
  • Participate in volunteer and community engagement opportunities.
  • Participate in team fundraising efforts.
  • Consistently demonstrate good behavior that reflects highly on themselves and the program.

Team spots are limited.  Students interested in being a member of the Porta-Botz! are required to complete

our application process.  Make sure all items for Step 1 are submitted together.

Step 1 – Online (Below):

1.  Fill out the online application sections  below:  A.) Contact information  B.) Interest Assessment
2.  Submit a minimum 200 word essay about yourself, interests, skills and why you want to be a Porta-Botz!

3.  Provide phone number, parent name and parent email.

4.  Upload photo of yourself (so we know who we are interviewing)

*Once your contact information and Interest Assessment has been reviewed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Step 2 - Interview:

1. Complete a 15 minute interview with a panel of Porta-Botz! coaches and veteran members.
*Once all interviews are complete, applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the team.