Perhaps the greatest contribution individual partners may make is that of time.  “Mentors” are Industry, Career, Engineering, and University professionals who share their time and expertise with kids.  Mentors get minds-on with the robotics students, challenging their thought processes and developing their decision making skills.  Mentors facilitate, support, encourage, critique and provide valuable perspective and advice, which helps guide teams through the development of their robot. 

Kids need role models in areas they aspire to excel.  And, the influence of a Mentor cannot be underestimated.  Mentors instill confidence in kids as teams prepare for the rigor of presenting and justifying their robot design to a panel of judges and engineers.  Among the intangible rewards for Mentors are the relationships formed, the appreciation of kids eager to learn, and of course, the personal satisfaction of being instrumental in the success of kids.


             Areas of Mentorship:

Mechanisms/Robot Fabrication
Sensor Integration & Controls
Programming: C-based
Online Support

              Mentor Expectations:

Volunteer application with PTS:

1-2 hours/week of contact, or Online Support.

Wish to adopt a robot, or be the primary Program Sponsor? Do our core values align with yours? ​“Investors” are community partners who make considerable financial contributions to support the robotics program and kids. The investment by such stakeholders is visible at local, state, national and world levels.  The most tangible benefit for investors is having their name and logo prominently featured on the robot itself.  However, the greatest benefit is the providing local kids with the opportunity to showcase their talents by ensuring they have the necessary resources to develop their ability and experience success. Being an investor isn’t just buying equipment, it’s a partnership with a rigorous and relevant STEM and Robotics education program, whose students will one day give back to their community. 

Robot adoption is $500. 

To become the Program Sponsor, email us directly for details:

​    Investment Partners Receive             Name-Recognition By:
1.  Name/Logo on Competition Robot
2.  Logo on Team Tee-shirts
3.  Logo on Traveling Team Banner
4.  Large Logo on Team Website            Homepage.
5.  Logo on Team Face Book Page
6.  Link to Investor’s Webpage via Website.

   Investor Resources will fund:
1.  Team Registration Fees
2.  Tournament Entry Fees, making        it possible for kids to compete.
3.  Robotics Equipment including:          Structure, Sensors, Motion                Components, Controls, & Tooling.

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Join a winning team; Partner with the "Porta-Botz!"


The Porta-Botz! Want You!




"Sponsors" represent the largest group of all the Porta-Botz! supporters.  Sponsors are individuals, families or businesses who make smaller financial contributions to ensure that both students and the program have the neccesary resouces to reach their goals.  During our fundraising drive,  Porta-Botz! team members seek out Sponsorship donations from individuals.  These donations are made at a various levels comfortable to the Sponsors.  These funds go directly back to the student to purchase their team apparel and help defray the $500 per student cost of tournament fees, travel, lodging, meals, apparel, &  robotics equipment.

Sponsorship Levels:

       “Tournament”     $25

       “State”               $50

       “National”           $75

       “World”              $100

For their contribution, Sponsors will receive a tax deductible receipt and their name on the back of team shirts, traveling team banner, website, a nd even a Robot!  Most of all, Sponsors experience the satisfaction of making the difference for a hard-working student and helping them achieve their goals.