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Middle School

This year's VEX Robotics Challenge!

Our  story

The Porta-Botz! robotics team was a grass-roots movement and joined the world of competitive robotics for the first time in January, 2015.   PLTW students enjoyed the Automation and Robotics units in their POE class and wanted to do more. VEX Robotics Competition was the answer.  The founding students formed two teams.  The talented group managed to win a tournament and advance to the State Championship as a fledgling program. The following year, a Robotics curriculum was proposed and adopted in school and the Porta-Botz! were mainstream.  Fast-forward nine years and the program has been flourished beyond all expectations to achieve 12 World qualifying spots, a State and National Title, twice Indiana's State Runner Up, twice Indiana's Excellence Award winners, twice Indiana's Design Award recipients,  twice the CREATE US Open China Cup winners, National Amaze Award winners, National Design Champions, and three-time World Award winners. (Create, Community, and Innovate Awards), given Keys to the City and Grand Marshalled the 4th of July parade.   None of this would have become a reality if not for the Community who has vigorously backed the The Porta-Botz! and the countless hours of sacrifice and resiliency of our kids.

Meet the Teams:

​High School

About the Porta-Botz! & the VEX Robotics Challenge

We are the "porta-botz!"

Portage Indiana Scholastic Robotics fields several high school and middle school, extra-curricular, competitive robotics teams.  Students engineer solutions to the current VEX Robotics World Challenge.  Our award winning program is comprised of young men and women, each with unique talents, who come together in specific roles to achieve excellence.  The "Porta-Botz!" compete in local, state, national and world-level tournaments and are ambassadors of the Portage community, promoting STEM and Robotics Education. ​​